Sustainable Agricultural Products Made on Vashon Island

Bob Powell

Owner and Manager

Meadow Creature LLC designs and manufactures high-quality hand- and electric-powered tools for small farms and small-scale food processing.

Meadow Creature reflects founder Bob Powell's lifelong interest in design, metal work, and electrical systems. After a career in the software industry, Bob launched a CNC machining and metal fabrication business, now with five employees. Now dwarfing our service business, our product line reflects what our farmer-neighbor friends have asked us to make for them.

Meadow Creature supports authentically sustainable, community-based farming. We believe that producing food locally can build community resilience, even as global food production and distribution becomes increasingly vulnerable to disruption.

We are located on Vashon Island, Washington, in the heart of Puget Sound. Many of our close neighbors are small-scale organic farmers. The Puget Sound bioregion enjoys vibrant farm and garden cultures - our farmer's markets, CSA programs, and home gardens are thriving. We hope to support their success!

Meadow Creature's Vashon Broadfork is our first product for distribution. Currently in the works are the Island Chicken Plucker for small-scale poultry operations and the Avalon Cider Press.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are a local manufacturing business, with a prime objective of respecting our employees and our local environment, sourcing materials and services within our community wherever possible, and plowing the bulk of our proceeds back into our community.

Meadow Creature LLC is pledged to donate at least 3% of our gross sales, in products and services, to non-profit organizations who work in support of empowering people to feed themselves, and protect our health and environment. Since 2011 we have donated over 50 broadforks to community gardens, and over U.S. $50,000 in manufacturing services to BURN Design Lab, working to create fuel-efficient and non-polluting cookstoves for the developing world. Your business helps us do this.