Meadow Creature's Avalon™ Cider Press is a new generation of cider press, created for the small commercial or discriminating home processor. Our press is designed to be efficient, easy to clean, easy to use and indestructible.

A note from the engineer, updated Jan. 2014 --
Thanks for your interest and your patience. To everyone I've told it would be ready for sale already, I apologize for that. We're setting a high bar for this product, and getting everything just right has taken far more time than expected. As has sourcing the right materials and components, and tooling up a production line. We manufacture all the metal parts in our own shop - and its a complicated product with many parts. We've learned a lot in the process.

Our objective with the Avalon cider press is to create a modern heirloom, giving a priority to both functional and aesthetic design, easy and satisfying to use, pretty to look at, built of the highest quality materials to last for generations, and to be easy to maintain and repair when required.

It's a premium product, but priced only slightly higher than for example the largest Correll model. (Ours is slightly larger in capacity and throughput than the largest Correll. We've used the Corrells and think they're a fine product. Ours is for folks who similarly want a premium cider press but built of stainless steel.)

We've attempted to incorporate the graceful lines of that 19th century family heirloom. The steel and stainless parts will last for generations, like that heirloom. For the moving parts, we've chosen standard U.S.-made industrial components, more expensive because of what they are, but so long as we have a functioning technological civilization, the bearings, pulleys and electrical components will be available as stock items from any industrial supply.

Pictured above is our earlier prototype with a hand-crank grinder that looks cool but is not satisfactory as a grinder. To the right is our present grinder design, close in design to the final product. This grinder is modeled after a classic industrial hammer mill, on a smaller scale. We're very happy with the grinder - it produces a consistent mash of small chips, very wet, and of an ideal size for juice extraction. The rest of the press is similar to the photo above, but refined, both larger and lighter, and now incorporates a wheel kit for easy moving.


The grinder is powered by a 3/4 horsepower Baldor (U.S. made) electric motor, and switched through an industrial motor control that incorporates an interlock requiring the hopper be in place. The grinder includes a 25 foot power cord with built-in GFI protection. The grinder chops fruit as fast as you can feed it, without bogging down. All parts of the grinder in food contact are type 304 stainless steel.

The press uses a 1-1/4" diameter acme screw, a lead-free bronze nut and a thrust ball-bearing on the press plate. A person of average ability using modest effort can apply over 10,000 lbs of pressure, or about 75 psi, optimum for juice extraction.

The press baskets are perforated stainless steel, 12.5" diameter by 13" tall, that have a capacity of about 1 bushel of mashed fruit. The baskets are intended for use with press bags, included. Our press bags are the same filter fabric used in industrial pressing, much heavier than home style bags.

The pan is stainless steel and includes a grooved food-grade plastic drain board to improve juice flow at the bottom of the mash. The pressing plate is lined with a disc of the same material.

This is a "2 station" press, in that one person can chip fruit and fill one basket while a second person presses the contents of the other basket. A third person can wash and prepare fruit. With a crew, the throughput is easily 100 gallons per day, or far more depending on the fruit and your motivation. If needed, one person can move and operate it.

The price is $2999, plus about $150 for shipping in the lower 48, and any applicable sales tax. That includes the press with grinder, two baskets and two bags, stainless pan, press plate and drain board and instruction manual. The warranty is 2 years. Post-warranty, we intend to offer replacement parts for anything that can be damaged or go missing. While we can provide all replacement parts as needed, for the standard industrial components, the manual provides the information needed to obtain them independently.

Longer term, we intend to offer smaller and larger models, with emphasis on a smaller press and grinder, built of similar quality but having more a modest capacity and cost.

If you'd like to more information when our product is available for purchase, please fill out the form to the right with your name and postal mailing address, email address or phone number, however you would like to be contacted. Thanks for your interest!

* Note about NSF and fresh juice. This grinder and press is sold for hard cider and for non-commercial fresh juice production. While our product is easier to clean, sanitize and maintain than wood or cast iron presses, with regard to food safety it's in the same category as other small cider presses. We specifically do not meet the stringent gaps-and-cracks technical requirements for NSF certification for fresh juice production. (For that, there are more digits in the price.) We can recommend only that fresh juice requires fruit that has been properly handled and washed, and is to be pasteurized or canned, or is at your own risk.

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Meadow Creature's Avalon (TM) Cider Press

Meadow Creature's Avalon (TM) Cider Press

Meadow Creature's Avalon (TM) Cider Press

Meadow Creature's Avalon (TM) Cider Press

Meadow Creature's Avalon (TM) Cider Press

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