Avalon Cider Press Endorsements

Well, Margot & Bob, you saw the trial run, I can't thank you both enough for your donation! It saved the Fruit Club's day and worked beautifully. The wash station couldn't keep up with the Avalon.

Vashon Fruit Club


We have finally christened our Cider Press and are absolutely thrilled with it! Actually we have used it twice and once more will take care of all the apples we had planned for juice this year.

 I was unnecessarily concerned before purchasing that I would not be able to press the fruit without getting muscle cramp. It is, as you said:  NO PROBLEM.  

In total the thing is perfect as you designed it. We love our dream press. We are so grateful that you conceived the idea,  and followed through all the bumps and grinds that could have stopped the project.  It is truly a great blessing for all of us who have lined up to buy it.

Mary, Nevada


I used the Fruit Club's cider press made by your company today. It is an outstanding piece of equipment! The best press I've ever used.

Dan, Vashon


Mechanicals are great. I love the grinder unit. Job that it does on the apples, I love it – the apple, the pulp that comes out exactly how that presses. Very efficient.

The screw and the handles and the way that operates is terrific. Very sturdy, does a great job. Very well thought out, engineering involved, it shows. In terms of what’s out there for the money, there’s absolutely nothing better.

I could easily get 5 gallons of juice from two bushels, with late season apples. Can get 6 or 7 from early season apples.

I have some suggestions on ergonomics; a longer bed, an angle on the tray itself.

The motor is great, I love that. It’s easy to clean. The bags are great.

Kent, California


The Fruit Club's cider press by Meadow Creatures is an incredible machine!!  I just used it.  Except for being too heavy for me to lift and transport, it is very easy to use.  It was even easy to clean up.  Thank you, Bob Powell.

Lotus, Vashon


It went together easy, it’s a well-thought-out-design. You grind it and the juice just starts to flow. The pressing mechanism is unbelievable. I thought my expectations were too high and I’d be disappointed, but I was not. This just blows my mind. It’s a really fine piece of equipment.

Chuck, Iowa