Meadow Creature Broadforks



Meadow Creature re-invented the broadfork, taking a favorite tool for aerating already-loose soil and turning it into an indestructible workhorse for breaking the hardest ground, that's still easy to use for cultivating and aerating.  Our forks uniquely feature machine-cut high-strength alloy steel tines, and a single, solid welded unit construction, with no handle connection to work loose.  Our forks are built to be worked hard and are unconditionally guaranteed forever.  The extra tine and handle length and the gentle curve to the tines requires a giant box that costs more to ship, but this is part of what makes them the best, and helped earn unsolicited endorsements from some of the most respected garden writers and advocates.

We manufacture three styles of broadfork: 12”, 14”, and 16” tine lengths. Our broadforks are 19" or 20" wide, and easily dig a row 24" to 30" wide. The width of the row depends on how the tool is used, not the size you choose.  Even our 12" fork works deeper than most other broadforks.  Our best-selling 14" broadfork is in a class by itself - there's nothing else like it.

Choosing a Broadfork

12" Broadfork

14" Broadfork

16" Broadfork

What Our Customers Say...

Linda from Colorado writes:

Just wanted to let you know that my new broadfork arrived and today was the first day I used it. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Thanks for helping me choose the small one. It is perfect; anything bigger would have been too difficult.

I like the depth it goes into my garden beds and how once the tines are down in the earth I can push it forward, pull it back, and get a just right amount of exercise while not killing the soil structure.

In the past have used my Mantis tiller, using gas and always having to fiddle with getting it to start in Spring. Not to mention the noise, not aerating very deep, and making a terrible mess of the worms. Last year I used  small hand fork to pull and turn soil, but it was slow. The broadfork is just what I wanted and seems as sturdy as I had hoped.