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Why is Meadow Creature's Broadfork better?

We make only the best quality tools. Our broadforks feature precision-cut, high-strength alloy steel tines. They ship as a single solid welded unit, with no bolt-together handle connection to fail or work loose. Our forks have handles angled forward of the tines, making them far easier to use than flat broadforks. Our forks have 4 tines because our tines are longer and cultivate deeper. Longer tines and welded handles require a big box and incur higher ship costs; we've chosen to focus on the best design for use, rather than a cheaper alternative.

All three sizes of our forks are built for the hardest work. Unlike other makers that advise you to not use their forks to break new ground, or break up hard clay or hardpan, we designed our forks to do all of that. We guarantee our forks for life; you can work them hard with confidence.

Our People's broadfork (12" tines) is an awesome all-around tool, for people of all sizes, to turn a hard-packed pasture or bulldozer-compacted residential yard into a productive garden bed. It's also great for aerating around perennials; loosening root balls to transplant trees and shrubs; ripping out quack grass, Bermuda grass and other invasives; and harvesting root crops. Even this, our smallest fork, has longer tines than most of the competition. We measure from the top to the bottom of the cross bar -- some other forks are measured from the top of the cross bar, so their version of a 12" fork has only 10" that can dig in the soil.

Our larger forks are unique in the market; there's nothing else out there like our Tall broadfork. It feature tines that can penetrate a full 14" into the soil, generous 50" handles, and an angle that makes the tool comfortable to use. The Farmer's broadfork is a professional-quality tool for deep cultivation - a full 16" - when larger root crops translate into farm income. It's recommended only for the strongest and most committed users.

Welded steel handles make our tool better for three reasons. First, they are stiff, and do not waste your energy by flexing as you work. Integrally welded to the tines, there is no bolted connection to work loose and break, or add extra movement to waste your energy.

Second, our handles are smooth. That matters because when tilling with the broadfork, your hands are constantly sliding to the top of the handle to pull back, then sliding down low to lift and pull the fork out of the ground and toward you for the next "bite." Sliding on steel is easier on your hands.

Third, the weight distribution of our steel handles give our tool a better balance. The fork pivots at the point where you naturally grab it to pull it out of the ground.

Our round-pipe foot bar is easier on your foot than a square-edge bar, as you rock the tool, standing on it with the tines at different angles. 

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Which Broadfork is for me?

We manufacture three styles of broadfork: People's (12" tines) Tall (14" tines), and Farmer's (16" tines). All the forks are nearly the same width. All cut a natural row width of 24" to 30". You determine row width by how you use the tool, rather than which broadfork you choose.

Our People's broadfork is a light workhorse usable by almost anyone who demands a strong, unbreakable tool that will last a lifetime. The 12" tines make an ideal cultivating tool for the home gardener. This fork has longer tines than most other brands, and for this reason it needs only 4 tines. The handles are 46" long and 19" apart, and the tines a full 12" long.

This broadfork weighs 16 lbs, with slightly smaller diameter handles than our other forks. If you have doubts about your ability or comfort using our larger forks, this tool is for you.

Permaculture and landscape professionals love our larger Tall broadfork and recommend in books and classes. There is nothing else like it on the market. It has good leverage and a great balance that make it easy to use. Tines measure a full 14" from tip to the bottom of the cross bar. Handles are 50" long and 20" apart, and the tines 14" long. This broadfork weighs 22 pounds. The handle diameter and scale of the Farmer's make it the most comfortable choice for tall and big users.

Our Farmer's broadfork is a heavier tool for experienced farmers, the most demanding root-crop cultivators, and enthusiasts of deep aeration, for whom the 16" depth justifies the considerably greater effort required to use it. There is no other tool like it. Intended primarily for deep aeration, this tool can also be used to break new ground, but it's more work. Handles are 48" long and 20" apart, tines 16" long, weight 25 pounds. If you have any doubts about your comfort using the Farmer's, please choose the Tall fork.

How wide is the row cut?

Broadforks are used working backwards, weaving or alternating side to side as you go. Weaving by half the distance between two tines, the tool cuts a natural row width of about 30". Not weaving at all cuts about 24". To cut much wider than 36", make multiple passes. Working backwards avoids stepping on what you've just tilled, and is easier because you're always lifting into soil just loosened.

Don't you have to be really strong to use the broadfork?

We make no health or medical claims. Our customers tell us that the broadfork is easier to use than a garden spade, and that the tool weight works to your advantage, at least once you've carried it to the garden. Your own body mass pushes the tool into the ground, with less asymmetric stress to legs or lower back. Working the soil uses upper body muscles in a push-pull motion that takes some strength but doesn't strain the back as much as a shovel. While it's still hard work, and you must remain aware of your own limitations, there's less bending at the waist, less twisting of the back, and no lifting the weight of soil, compared to using a shovel or spading fork.

Our People's broadfork is easy for most people to carry and use. Our Tall and Farmer's broadforks can be a chore to carry around, and require more strength to use effectively. If you're concerned about the tool weight or strength required, we recommend the 12".

Why does the Farmer's broadfork have shorter handles?

The slightly shorter handle on the Farmer's keeps its overall size within the limit required for cost-effective shipping.

Did you invent the broadfork?

Thanks for the flattering thought. We didn't invent the tool, but we did invent this style of construction, and are flattered that our most enthusiastic competitors have abandoned older designs to copy some elements of our construction. Broadfork-type tools have evolved for centuries. In the 1970s, Eliot Coleman popularized the tool in America and gave it its English name. Coleman is a fan of lighter-weight tools with short tines, for aerating already-loose soil. We appreciate that there's a place for light tools, but we hear almost daily from folks who have broken their lightweight broadforks and realize they need something more sturdy. If you prefer a lighter tool, buy our 12" fork; you won't be disappointed.

Our design is based on feedback from farmers who've used all the other tools available, and asked us to create tools with longer tines, stronger construction, and ease of use for long days in the field.


Can our organization get a free broadfork?

Meadow Creature donates a limited number of broadforks to qualifying organizations. Click here to learn more.

What other tools do you make?

Please see the links above for our Avalon Cider Press and Other Products


Where are you located?

Our mailing address is Meadow Creature LLC, PO Box 2112, Vashon, WA 98070.  Please call us at 360-329-2250 or email at

Our physical address, for UPS, Fedex and freight deliveries, is 18850 103rd Ave SW, Vashon, WA 98070.  This is an industrial facility with no office or reception - visits are by prior appointment only, please.

Can I order by mail or by phone?

Yes. Click Here to figure your total and pay by check or money order.

To order by phone, please call 360-329-2250, and leave a message so we can call you back. As a small business we can't always answer the phone, but we return calls by the next business day.

And of course purchase through our web store, using VISA/MC/Discover, or PayPal.

Can I pick up the broadfork in person?

If you're visiting Vashon Island, our forks are available for purchase at Vashon Ace Hardware. Please Click Here for hours and directions. You will be charged local sales tax (8.6%).

Where can I buy a broadfork at retail?

Please click here to view our retailers listed by state.

What about sales tax?

Sales tax is charged for purchases shipped to Washington State addresses. For Washington businesses purchasing a cider press and intending to use the manufacturing exemption, please contact us by phone or email.

Satisfaction Guarantee / Return Policy / Warranty

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund, including shipping costs. (Within the U.S.)

For free return shipping, you must return the broadfork in its original packaging. Save the packaging if you have any doubt. Call or email to schedule a FedEx pickup.

Our broadfork will last a lifetime, if not abused. Our tool is fully intended for working hardpan and loosening rocks up to football size. It's not intended for prying up boulders and removing large tree roots, which could place unbalanced loads on the tines and handles. We offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser: if your broadfork is damaged, we will either replace it at no charge, or refund your money, at our discretion. There's no need to save your receipt, just tell us who originally purchased the tool.


When will my broadfork arrive?

We ship from stock, 1 to 2 business days after receipt of order. Orders are shipped via UPS Ground and take 1-5 business days to arrive. UPS will send your tracking number if you provide email information with your order.

UPS requires a street address and a phone contact;  we need these to process your order. Sorry, we cannot ship to PO boxes. Your card will be charged after your package ships.

Do you ship to Alaska? Hawaii?

We ship broadforks to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico via UPS or occasionally USPS. Ship cost ranges from $120 to $190 depending on size of box. Place your order via the web page to see what it will cost to ship to you, or call.  We're sorry for the high cost, but it's the only viable option for an oversize package.

Do you ship to Canada?

We're happy to ship to our Canadian customers. Shipping costs including shipping, customs, and all HST/GST charges total $150-180 USD, depending on location. If you require shipping to Canada, email and provide your shipping address, email, and telephone number, and which size broadfork(s) you wish to purchase. We'll calculate the shipping cost and send you a Paypal invoice for the product plus shipping and associated costs.

Alternatively, we can ship to a US location near the border for you to pick up. This option is easier for us and may save you quite a bit. Please email queries, or contact us by phone at 360-329-2250.

If you want a People's (12" tine) broadfork, good news! We now have a Canadian distributor for this all-purpose tool: Dubois Agrinovation. Visib their web store to order:

Do you ship to Europe, the UK or Australia?

Unfortunately, international shipping costs and size restrictions make it prohibitive to ship to Europe, the UK, Australia, or other overseas locations. We're surprised there is no international surface shipping service for individual large packages. For our packages, air express is the only available option, at a ship cost of $350 to $500 per fork, not including customs and taxes. We wish a surface option was available. If you have experience importing and selling garden tools in Canada, Europe, the UK, or Australia, we'd like to hear from you.

Privacy Policy

Meadow Creature LLC values the privacy of our customers. We never rent, share or otherwise disclose your postal or email address or other information with third parties.

Our online ordering system may use cookies for the duration of your shopping session. Any information is kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party.