Meadow Creature Broadfork Endorsements

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Meadow Creature broadforks are recommended by name in classes and in books by permaculture writers and teachers Eric Toensmeier, Jonathan Bates and Ben Falk, by permaculture and gardening teachers across the U.S., and of course by Cheryl Long, editor in chief, Mother Earth News.

In 2011, individual members of the Portland, Maine Permaculture "meetup" group began using our 14" broadforks and liked them enough to organize a group purchase. They wound up buying 22 forks at once. Thank you!

Following are some unsolicited testimonials.

" Thanks for sending the broadforks. We absolutely love them! They have enabled us to really improve our compacted fill beneath the existing garden, even under established fruit trees. I have been giving demonstrations with them during workshops and courses, and will be featuring them in some upcoming videos. I hope I can bring some more business for your fantastic unbreakable product. "

― Eric Toensmeier, Holyoke, Massachusetts

"I used my broadfork for the first time today. 
It is a thing of beauty. I have a very few items in my possession that give me special satisfaction for being more expensive than I might have wanted to pay, but which turned out to have a value FAR in excess of their cost. A Tilley hat. A Longines watch. My Ray-Ban Aviators. A dual line stunt kite custom made by Ken McNeill. 
And this broadfork. It is perfection. And doing any job with the right tool is joy." 

― Dan, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

"I had to tell you how pleased I am with the broadfork. I got the 12 inch and am glad I did get the smaller one.  I am a 72-year old woman, and do not have difficulty using it.  In fact, it is so helpful, I am amazed.  I moved to property that had not been tended for years.  The accursed privet plant, green brier, berry vines and jasmine vines are extremely dense.  If you have ever dug up green brier, you know it has huge roots.  I am thrilled that what previously took me hours to dig out, I can now do right away.  Thank you!  My brother told me about how well he liked his.  He had done research and thought yours was the best.  Hang in there Meadow Creature and continue having quality products."

― Glenda, Texas

"I received the broadfork today.  I put it to work (or perhaps I should say that it put me to work) on a new extension to our vegetable garden, loosening the dense, heavy clay that underlies the 1/2" to 1" of topsoil on the site.  That tool is a beast!  My initial impression is that it will be a great help in the long task of working the soil into a state of good fertility and tilth."

― Jim, Virginia


"Lent my broadfork to a friend who is a Master Gardener here in Wisconsin.  She had a small swimming pool...The grass under it was all dead.  She wanted to order a broadfork from you after trying mine.  Her husband thought $200 was expensive and he "had a pitchfork".  He fell in love with it and you can expect another order from them any day.  
As we age it is important to use the best tools to prevent injuries.  Shoveling causes me foot (in the arch) and low back pain but no problems with the broadfork.
Your broadfork is like a pitchfork on steroids.  Great product."

― Patty, Wisconsin

"I am writing to tell you how amazing my new broadfork is. Jobs are done almost before I start, and I don’t even do the work – my weight and the not insignificant weight of the fork do the digging for me. It is truly amazing. I can’t wait to see how all the air and open soil work on my garden’s root system this year. More air, more flow, less stagnation. I anticipate very happy plants. Thank you for making and sharing these wonderful tools, which will last a lifetime and be passed on to our child in perfect shape."

― Sarah, Seattle, Washington

" I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for your help in choosing a broadfork by taking the time to answer my questions. I must say this thing is a HARD CORE TOOL. I am a stickler for quality, sturdy built products. Hands down your product exceeds my expectations. As far as performance, it handles the toughest of soil with ease. Thank you again and I will definitely refer more people to your product. Now I have another problem, all of my gardening friends are asking to borrow it. "

― Tim H., Evansville, Indiana

" I just wanted to let you know the broadfork arrived safely last Friday. It is every bit as rugged as I expected. (I already have a Johnny’s broadfork). I used it for the first time Tuesday night on some extremely compacted clay. It performed admirably. I really can’t imagine any other tool (hand or motorized) being able to do what your broadfork did, at least not as easily. Thanks again for accommodating a Canadian customer. "

― Jonathan B., Toronto, Ontario

" What an awesome tool! ... It's the best broadfork I've seen by far and I've been using them for years. "

― Richard S., Half Moon Bay, California

" I love the Meadow Creature, thank you for making such a sturdy tool. I am trying to loosen up a garden plot that is new soil brought in by dump trucks and spread by an excavator, then tilled with a tractor. So it was driven over many times by heavy equipment. It also has lots of New England rocks (the same ones that were used in thousands of miles of rock walls). I am able to turn them out finally. For two years I have been struggling with garden spades - bending the tines and breaking the handles. Those days are gone! Wow! "

― John C., Bar Harbor, Maine

" I got my fork this morning and I've already taken it for a little spin around the garden. I'm impressed. It's a sturdy, well-built tool that should stand up to the hard red clay soil here in Western North Carolina. It beats the heck out of that noisy, smelly, fossil fuel burning, hard-to-wrestle tiller I recently sold. I don't think I needed to cuss once. Thanks for a good product. "

― Harold A., Rutherfordton, North Carolina

" I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the broadfork I purchased from you December 21 or 22. I have now been using it intermittently for a couple of weeks with great success. In particular, I was delighted to find that this tool is the best I've used for removing Bermuda grass from soil. There are areas of my garden that my 1960's era Troy-Built tiller (larger than anything Troy-Built or Honda makes today) cannot thoroughly penetrate due to extensive networks of tough Bermuda roots. ... Last night I used the Vashon broadfork to dig a single width row about 50' long in about 20 minutes. This included about 10' of Bermuda-choked soil that had never been properly turned. The fork had no trouble turning the thick soil and bringing the roots to the surface and I never had to worry about breaking the tool. Also, there was no lower back strain but instead it was an enjoyable workout for shoulders, upper back, and lats. I anticipate relying heavily on the unique features of this broadfork over the next few months as I prepare my garden for the 2011 season. Thanks for manufacturing a quality tool. "

― Chris C., Anderson, South Carolina

" I received my broadfork yesterday. The broadfork is really nice. I don't think I'll break it! Here in Buda, 12 miles South of Austin TX, my wife and I raise native trees. We let some of them sit a little too long and the roots found their way into the ground through the holes in the pots. I'm using the fork to break up the ground around them. I did one yesterday in about 10 minutes. A lesser broadfork would not hold up nor would it go in deep enough. This is most definately a well made tool I can put my full weight behind and not worry about damaging it. It's perfect for what I'm doing. Thanks for making such a good thng available, I feel like I got my moneys worth. "

― Mark K., Buda, Texas

" I got my fork last week and have been ripping up a plot....It's awesome.....I use it in conjunction with a iron bar so when I hit a root I can nuke it with the bar....Thanks ....It has improved my gardening ability by 100 percent..... "

― Jerry J., Austin, Texas

" Broadfork received! It feels like an excellent piece of craftsmanship. I can't imagine doing this job successfully with a lesser tool. "

― Steven K., Rolling Hills Estates, California

" Just wanted to say thanks for getting me my broadfork so quickly and before the 4th of july weekend! I've been busy with it and really like the one piece steel construction. I wanted to get a fork that I couldn't break and the biggest meanest one I could find and it has to be made in this country! I think the old rototiller is Jealous and there has been no earthworm casualties! I love it. Keep em coming. "

― Michael S., Centerville, MN

" It arrived yesterday and we have been putting it to work. Nice job on the broadfork. Sturdy construction as I had hoped. "

― Joshua N., Quesnel, British Columbia

" I love my big fork! Just finished a good morning session with it. Great tool!"

― Mike K., Novarro, California

" A broadfork is a wonderful tool that loosens the soil with minimal turning and mixing of soil strata. The Meadow Creature Broadfork works great. It allows me to quickly prepare garden and farm beds by hand, even large areas, without straining my lower back. "

― Rob Peterson, co-author of Seattle Tilth's best-selling book, The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide, and co-owner of Plum Forest Farm, Vashon Island