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"Eureka! We found it — the Vashon Broadfork with its sharp, superrigid, slightly curved 14- or 16-inch tines ... penetrates soil (sort of like how eagle talons work) with less operator effort than any other fork we’ve tried ... the Vashon Broadfork would make a great holiday gift for the gardener on your list."

― Cheryl Long, editor in chief, Mother Earth News (page 25, December 2011/January 2012)

Meadow Creature's Broadforks are easy to use and built for a lifetime.

Ideal for deep-aerating your beds, our broadforks easily turn soil in existing beds.

If you're looking for a tool to break the hardest sod and pasture, and turn hardpan into a garden bed, you've found it - buy ours with confidence, you won't break it.

Our broadforks are fabricated in the USA from high-strength alloy steel and ship as a single solid welded piece with no mechanical connections to work loose. Ours are the best engineered and the strongest, and far from the heaviest. Our tool has a good balance, so using it requires less effort. Don't take our word for it - Read Cheryl Long's endorsement.

We are confident enough that our tool is indestructible to guarantee it forever. Customers tell us our broadfork is great for removing turf, digging out blackberry roots, quack grass and bermuda grass. And also digging up trees and prying out boulders -- it's not meant for that, but we'll stand by the guarantee anyway. If your tool is ever damaged, we'll exchange it at no cost, including shipping.

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Meadow Creature's Broadforks. Guaranteed forever; made in USA.

12" Broadfork: $185 add to cart
   (12" tines, 20" wide, 16 lbs)

12" 2-pack: $349 add to cart

14" Broadfork: $199 add to cart
   (14" tines, 21" wide, 22 lbs)

14" 2-pack: $379 add to cart

14" - 16" Combo: $389 add to cart

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12", 14" or 16"??

Our forks weigh from 16 to 25 lbs. Click here to choose the right tool for you.

What is a Broadfork?

The broadfork allows you to till and aerate your growing beds by hand, using a natural motion that's easier on your body - no twisting. It tills deeper and provides an alternative to the noise, pollution, fossil fuel use, and ground compaction caused by power tilling.

The broadfork looks similar to a pitchfork, but it's stronger and heavier, with longer tines.  Our tines have a gentle curve to ease ground penetration. To use, you stand on the cross bar, wriggling the handles and using your body weight to work the tines into the ground. Stepping off the broadfork, you can pull on the handles just a bit to loosen and aerate the soil around the tines, or leverage the handles further back for a more complete breaking of the soil. After each "pull", work backwards and side to side, to turn your bed, without stepping on the loosened soil.

Our broadforks are all about the same width, with varying tine lengths. All cut a natural row width of 24" to 30".

Meadow Creature's 14" Broadfork.  Guaranteed forever; made in USA.

16" Broadfork: $209 add to cart
   Please read this before ordering a 16".
   (16" tines, 21" wide, 25 lbs)

16" 2-pack: $395 add to cart

(Save with two-packs - they're discounted, and shipping costs only slightly more than a single fork. Shipping is calculated in the cart and costs $25 to $50 depending on your location. We don't offer a 12"-14" combo. Canadian customers please click here. If purchasing via Paypal, please ignore the shipping estimate shown before your address is entered.)

"A broadfork is a wonderful tool that loosens the soil with minimal turning and mixing of soil strata. The Meadow Creature Broadfork works great. It allows me to quickly prepare garden and farm beds by hand, even large areas, without straining my lower back."

― Rob Peterson, co-author of Seattle Tilth's best-selling book, The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide, and co-owner of Plum Forest Farm, Vashon Island


Shipped by FedEx ground and delivered within 3-6 days of your order in an uncoated, biodegradable box you can re-use in your garden.

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We aim for every part of our business to support a sustainable economy and future. We treat our employees and the environment with respect.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund, including return shipping costs.

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