About Us

Meadow Creature LLC manufactures the Meadow Creature® Broadforks, the broadforks most recommended by garden and permaculture writers, and the Avalon Cider Press, the most durable, fastest, small cider press sold in the U.S.

Meadow Creature® is also a custom machining and fabrication business, doing business as metalcreature.com.  Our specialties are rapid prototyping and short run jobs using abrasive waterjet machining, with precision sheet metal fabrication, precision art and architectural welding and finishing, cnc machining, and general problem solving. We offer an unusually wide range of services under one roof, enabling fast turnaround of parts requiring multiple processes.  Please visit metalcreature.com for more information.

Meadow Creature® reflects founder Bob Powell's lifelong interest in product design and manufacturing technologies.   After an MIT engineering education and a career in the software industry, Bob returned to his roots as an inventor-designer, and launched a CNC machining and metal fabrication business. Responding to the requests of our farmer-neighbors led to the creation of our broadforks and cider press.

Meadow Creature® supports authentically sustainable, community-based farming. We believe that producing food locally can build community resilience, even as global food production and distribution becomes increasingly vulnerable to disruption.

We are located on Vashon Island, Washington, in the heart of Puget Sound. Many of our close neighbors are small-scale organic farmers. The Puget Sound bioregion enjoys vibrant farm and garden cultures -- our farmer's markets, CSA programs, and home gardens are thriving. We design tools to support their success.

Meadow Creature's® Vashon Broadfork was our first product; the Avalon® Cider Press was added in 2014.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are a small-scale manufacturer. Our core mission is to support authentically sustainable, community-based horticulture and agriculture. We are committed to respecting our employees and local environment, to source materials and services within our community wherever possible, and to support our community's health and prosperity.

Every year since we started business in 2009, Meadow Creature LLC has donated at least 2% of our gross sales, in products and services, to non-profit organizations who work in support of empowering people to feed themselves, and protect our health and environment, and to our community. Since 2011 we have donated over 150 broadforks across the United States to schools, community gardens, land trusts, and other non-profits where people learn to grow food and share skills.