Why is Meadow Creature's Broadfork better?

We make only the best quality tools. Our broadforks feature precision-cut, high-strength alloy steel tines. They ship as a single solid welded unit, with no bolt-together handle connection to fail or work loose. Our forks have handles angled forward of the tines, making them far easier to use than flat broadforks. Our forks have 4 tines because our tines are longer and cultivate deeper. Longer tines and welded handles require a big box and incur higher ship costs; we've chosen to focus on the best design for use, rather than a cheaper alternative.

All three sizes of our forks are built for the hardest work. Unlike other makers that advise you to not use their forks to break new ground, or break up hard clay or hardpan, we designed our forks to do all of that. We guarantee our forks for life; you can work them hard with confidence.

Our People's broadfork (12" tines) is an awesome all-around tool, for people of all sizes, to turn a hard-packed pasture or bulldozer-compacted residential yard into a productive garden bed. It's also great for aerating around perennials; loosening root balls to transplant trees and shrubs; ripping out quack grass, Bermuda grass and other invasives; and harvesting root crops. Even this, our smallest fork, has longer tines than most of the competition. We measure from the top to the bottom of the cross bar -- some other forks are measured from the top of the cross bar, so their version of a 12" fork has only 10" that can dig in the soil.

Our larger forks are unique in the market; there's nothing else out there like our Tall broadfork. It feature tines that can penetrate a full 14" into the soil, generous 50" handles, and an angle that makes the tool comfortable to use. The Farmer's broadfork is a professional-quality tool for deep cultivation - a full 16" - when larger root crops translate into farm income. It's recommended only for the strongest and most committed users.

Welded steel handles make our tool better for three reasons. First, they are stiff, and do not waste your energy by flexing as you work. Integrally welded to the tines, there is no bolted connection to work loose and break, or add extra movement to waste your energy.

Second, our handles are smooth. That matters because when tilling with the broadfork, your hands are constantly sliding to the top of the handle to pull back, then sliding down low to lift and pull the fork out of the ground and toward you for the next "bite." Sliding on steel is easier on your hands.

Third, the weight distribution of our steel handles give our tool a better balance. The fork pivots at the point where you naturally grab it to pull it out of the ground.

Our round-pipe foot bar is easier on your foot than a square-edge bar, as you rock the tool, standing on it with the tines at different angles.