Do you ship to Canada?

We're happy to ship to our Canadian customers. Shipping costs including shipping, customs, and all HST/GST charges total $150-180 USD, depending on location. If you require shipping to Canada, email and provide your shipping address, email, and telephone number, and which size broadfork(s) you wish to purchase. We'll calculate the shipping cost and send you a Paypal invoice for the product plus shipping and associated costs.

Alternatively, we can ship to a US location near the border for you to pick up. This option is easier for us and may save you quite a bit. Please email queries, or contact us by phone at 360-329-2250.

If you want a People's (12" tine) broadfork, good news! We now have a Canadian distributor for this all-purpose tool: Dubois Agrinovation. Visib their web store to order: