Don't you have to be really strong to use the broadfork?

We make no health or medical claims. Our customers tell us that the broadfork is easier to use than a garden spade, and that the tool weight works to your advantage, at least once you've carried it to the garden. Your own body mass pushes the tool into the ground, with less asymmetric stress to legs or lower back. Working the soil uses upper body muscles in a push-pull motion that takes some strength but doesn't strain the back as much as a shovel. While it's still hard work, and you must remain aware of your own limitations, there's less bending at the waist, less twisting of the back, and no lifting the weight of soil, compared to using a shovel or spading fork.

Our People's broadfork is easy for most people to carry and use. Our Tall and Farmer's broadforks can be a chore to carry around, and require more strength to use effectively. If you're concerned about the tool weight or strength required, we recommend the 12".