Which Broadfork is for me?

We manufacture three styles of broadfork: People's (12" tines) Tall (14" tines), and Farmer's (16" tines). All the forks are nearly the same width. All cut a natural row width of 24" to 30". You determine row width by how you use the tool, rather than which broadfork you choose.

Our People's broadfork is a light workhorse usable by almost anyone who demands a strong, unbreakable tool that will last a lifetime. The 12" tines make an ideal cultivating tool for the home gardener. This fork has longer tines than most other brands, and for this reason it needs only 4 tines. The handles are 46" long and 19" apart, and the tines a full 12" long.

This broadfork weighs 16 lbs, with slightly smaller diameter handles than our other forks. If you have doubts about your ability or comfort using our larger forks, this tool is for you.

Permaculture and landscape professionals love our larger Tall broadfork and recommend in books and classes. There is nothing else like it on the market. It has good leverage and a great balance that make it easy to use. Tines measure a full 14" from tip to the bottom of the cross bar. Handles are 50" long and 20" apart, and the tines 14" long. This broadfork weighs 22 pounds. The handle diameter and scale of the Farmer's make it the most comfortable choice for tall and big users.

Our Farmer's broadfork is a heavier tool for experienced farmers, the most demanding root-crop cultivators, and enthusiasts of deep aeration, for whom the 16" depth justifies the considerably greater effort required to use it. There is no other tool like it. Intended primarily for deep aeration, this tool can also be used to break new ground, but it's more work. Handles are 48" long and 20" apart, tines 16" long, weight 25 pounds. If you have any doubts about your comfort using the Farmer's, please choose the Tall fork.