Meadow Creature Broadforks


Meadow Creature's indestructible broadforks are made of high-strength alloy steel welded into an unbreakable unit. Our unique construction makes them the most powerful broadforks on the market, by far; we back them up with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Designed to be easy to use, with excellent balance and gently curved tines; our broadforks are not the cheapest but absolutely the best.

We make three sizes, each with 4 tines. The People's broadfork digs 12" deep and is perfect for most gardeners. The Tall broadfork digs 14" deep, and the Farmer's digs 16" deep. See detailed product descriptions below. Our broadforks begin where others leave off.

Choosing a Broadfork

People's Broadfork (12")

Tall Broadfork (14")

Farmer's Broadfork (16")


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Why Use a Broadfork?


Customer Reviews

Just wanted to let you know that my new broadfork arrived and today was the first day I used it. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for helping me choose the small one. It is perfect; anything bigger would have been too difficult.  (Linda from Colorado)

"My broadfork arrived this morning. In short, I love my broadfork!!!  It is quiet, it is easy; it aerates the soil leaving the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and other organisms where they belong; it does  a better job than my Troy-Built tillers which will go to Goodwill  tomorrow... I wish I had known such an instrument  existed years ago. Working with your broadfork is very calming as opposed to a tiller." (Frank from Georgia)

The Meadow Creature broad fork is the best garden implement I've ever purchased. It is a top quality product, ruggedly built, and superbly designed. I unreservedly recommend this broad fork. It is an investment that your great grandchildren will be able to use some day! (Mike, on Facebook)

"The Meadow Creature 14" broadfork is the single best garden tool I've ever purchased. It's the kind of quality that one comes to expect from an American-made product. This is my second growing season using it. After working the ground, and prepping my beds for the spring, the earth was still loose when the time came for the fall season. This beast tilled my fall beds, like a hot knife through melted butter, and took half the time that it would have taken me with a rototiller." (Randy from Louisiana)

I am writing to tell you how amazing my new broadfork is. Jobs are done almost before I start, and I don’t even do the work – my weight and the not insignificant weight of the fork do the digging for me. It is truly amazing. I can’t wait to see how all the air and open soil work on my garden’s root system this year. More air, more flow, less stagnation. I anticipate very happy plants.  (Sarah from Seattle)

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